Nowadays, cost effective solution is targeted as part of very important project especially from telecommunications operators. Repeater solution is one of the solutions that really could provide tremendous cost saving in CAPEX & OPEX. Besides, our repeater is designed for easy installation and commissioning friendly.

RF repeater solution

This solution is suitable for indoor and outdoor coverage in GSM, DCS and WCDMA; single band or dual band. The RF repeater is designed with real time intelligent mode for self-tuning, thus to minimize any interference to BTS/NodeB. We have numerous choices to select from 15dBm until 43dBm. In addition, we are able to customize and manufacture as per customer’s requirement.

Frequency Shifting Repeater (FSR)

This solution is most suitable to cover any blindspot for GSM/DCS network. With its low power consumption, solar power is recommended to replace power generator, thus further reduce the OPEX tremendously. FSR link is proved to link and transmit more than 15km distance, and it is perfectly to provide coverage at rural area or remote sites, such as island.

Isolation Cancellation System (ICS) Repeater

ICS is designed for WCDMA band and operates in digital circuitry. With its digital design, the separation between donor and service is minimized significantly. This solution is suitable to cover blindspot with 43dBm output power. Again, with its low power consumption, solar power is recommended to replace power generator.

Full In-building Coverage (IBC)

In addition, Optix Global provides and delivers full turnkey IBC in Malaysia, which includes site acquisition, CME works, AFS installation BTS/NodeB IC&I and site acceptance.